Excellence for the Palaces

At Luxury Hotels School, we are privileged partners of the most extraordinarily luxurious hotels – the Palaces.
We train future professionals in the highest possible standards of hospitality in line with the values of our partner hotels, Palace hotels and international chains.
What’s more, our teaching methods and courses are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the tourism industry in general.
Présentation du parcours de formation - Luxury Hotelschool

Closer to HR issues

We are constantly working alongside hotel human resources departments to build training programmes that reflect their image and ensure that both our students and their teams develop their skills.

Luxury experience with a Night at the Palace

From their first year, students at the Luxury Hotelschool become familiar with the magical world of luxury hotels by experiencing luxury from the customer's point of view.
Étudiante de la Luxury Hotelschool devant la devanture du Bristol à Paris
Étudiants lors d'un forum des métiers dans l'hôtellerie - Luxury Hotelschool

Careers Forum

Every year, we organise events on our campus so that all the luxury hotels and Palaces can meet our students in training from first years to Master's students. These job-dating events help hoteliers recruit for work placements, work-linked courses and permanent contracts.

Tailor-made training courses

The Luxury Hotels School supports luxury and Palace hotels so that all their staff can acquire the skills they need to provide the best quality of service and fulfil their potential within the company.
Image d'une étudiante à la réception d'un hôtel - Luxury Hotelschool
Photo d'une étudiante lors d'un stage d'exception - Luxury Hotelschool

Worl placement partnerships

At the end of each year, Luxury Hotelschool students undertake a minimum five-month work placement in France or abroad. For hotels and major international chains, this is an unrivalled pool of young talent trained in the demands and excellence of luxury.