The Luxury Hotelschool is located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a prestigious address very close to the department stores for an authentic Parisian experience during your studies.

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A Bachelor's degree in a French hotel school, it is unique and the best preparation for a career as a manager in the luxury hotel industry. In three years, the Bachelor covers all the major aspects of tourism and hospitality management, including rooms division and gastronomy.

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The Master's degree is specialised in strategy, leadership and cross-cultural management for the luxury hotel industry. A small number of students benefit each year from highly specialised and very advanced lectures based on research, including case study, presentations and debates and individual supervision for their dissertation.

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69 Boulevard Haussmann

The 8th district of Paris is one of the chic neighborhoods of the capital since it hosts more than half of the top luxury hotels (Palaces), but also Avenue Montaigne, Place de la Concorde and Avenue des Champs-Élysées... As one of the most prestigious hotel management schools in France, the Luxury Hotelschool had to offer a superb campus in the heart of Paris.

Interior gardens

The school is organised around an interior garden bathed in light. With a ratio of more than 6 square meter per student, far beyond international standards, the premises offer large classrooms and relaxation areas including a 100 square meter lounge where breakfast and lunch are served. Students have a separate entrance at 44 rue des Mathurins, the address is served by eight metro lines.

Haussmannian building

The premises benefit from Haussmannian architecture typical of Parisian buildings.


The school is located on the ground floor of a very high-end property complex which houses, among other businesses, the headquarters of the Swiss bank UBS and the airline company Emirates.

Students have a separate entrance at 44 rue des Mathurins.

Group work

Group work is at the heart of our teaching philosophy. This is the reason why classrooms are split into a lecture zone and a lounge with light couches that the students can move at will to work, always supervised by their lecturers.

Groupwork could consist of a debate, for example: communication in a restaurant is the responsibility of the kitchen first for one group, and of service for the other group (management of operations); or to motivate staff, they must be paid better for one group, they must receive individual consideration for the other group (human resources and management); or a debate on the main reason to select a hotel online (marketing...)



Kitchen work is nothing more than one of the many subjects that a manager in the luxury hotel industry must know about. The restaurant is also a place to learn about guest relations, sometimes for the first time. It is a must-have for all hotel schools.

The school does not train chefs or Maitre D' but only managers, F&B managers for example. They must master the operations but their job is management and guest relations. Chefs and Maitre D' in France are trained in professional high school (lycée hôtelier) or Culinary institutes.



Arnaud Bouvier, president of the school and the fourth generation of the family of the founders working in the luxury hospitality industry, with the collection of menus served by his great grandfather in the presidential train in the background.

The school is administered by members of the faculty. Mr Bouvier for example teached management to the first year students, project management in the top-up and Leadership in the Master's programme.



Students benefit from their restaurant every day, but they can also enjoy regularly the restaurant Le Charles for an occasional banquet or a cocktail.

Our students receive many academic books included in the programme and gain access to the eLibrary that contains more books and most of the research papers published worldwide since the 6o's, an extensive source of knowledge that they learn to use with their lecturers.


Events management

The gala diner is organised by the top-up Bachelor students and in 2020, the theme was the Roaring Twenties.

Top-up Bachelor

Learn in luxury

Some of the lectures and seminars take place in the conference rooms and suites of luxury hotels in Paris


Restaurant in Clichy

The restaurant of the school where students learn service and gastronomy is located in Clichy, 4 metro stations from th emain campus in Paris where the lectures take place. This historical city touches central Paris and is part of Grand Paris. Clichy is home to L'Oréal worldwide headquarters.

Two Halls of residence are very close to the school and offer rooms between 700 and 800 Euros per month.

Residence Estudines Studea (fr) Clichy on Wikipedia

Meet us at the Palace

To study here, you should have the capacity to enter University in your country. Check the admission requirements to learn more. Candidates can be invited to one of our meetings organised in a Palace in Paris, as shown in this video.

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Luxury Hotelschool Paris (ESHotel)
69, boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 47 31 39 39



  • Matthias Terrettaz, Shangri-La Paris
    Shangri-La Paris

    “You can be very proud of this diploma and your training, which are important assets for your future career.” Matthias Terrettaz, Hotel Manager Shangri-La Paris and sponsor of the 2013 cohort

  • Michel Jauslin, Hyatt

    “Hoteliers have a passion for hospitality and a very particular attention to detail! Luxury means attention to detail...” Michel Jauslin, Vice-president for Europe, Hyatt and sponsor of the 2005 cohort

About us

LH Luxury Hotelschool is an international hotel management school dedicated to luxury. This family institution founded 30 years ago is the specialist of international luxury hotel management.

The school offers Bachelor's and Master's degree taught in English in Paris, combining French tradition of gastronomy and luxury hospitality, and anglo-saxon management skills.

Each year, a luxury hotel sponsors the graduations and signs the diplomas as did the Ritz in 1996, Crillon in 1997, Lutetia, Le Bristol, Shangri-La Paris, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, Prince de Galles, Raphaël, Fouquet's...