Bachelor’s Degree Apprenticeship

Bachelor’s Degree Apprenticeship

Bachelor's Degree Apprenticeship

in Luxury Hospitality Management
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The Luxury Hotelschool is an international luxury hotel management training school founded over 30 years ago. This Bachelor's degree is a Level 6 professional qualification registered with the RNCP. It gives you the keys to management in top-of-the-range hotels. In one year following completion of an EQF Level 5 qualification or in three years after A-level, students are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Luxury Hospitality Management. The programme covers all aspects of luxury hotel hotel management, in particular operations and events management, quality management, marketing and strategy, business creation and project management. degree gives you the opportunity to continue your studies at the Luxury Hotelschool and obtain an MBA or MSc at business school level.

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Bachelor Degree Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are an excellent option in the hospitality sector because they combine theory with operational experience. The school can help students to find a company to finance their training.

Why choose a degree apprenticeship at the Luxury Hotelschool ?

  • Experience the world of luxury
  • Personalised support for every student
  • A campus in the heart of Paris
  • A training school
  • Partnerships with luxury hotels and major international chains


1,265 hours of study
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Each year, this programme runs for 10 months with 1 or 2 days a week dedicated to study, and 3 or 4 days a week in the workplace.

First year

Operations management

• Fundamentals of service and gastronomy
• Front Office operational management
• Housekeeping operational management
• Introduction to hotel software
• Professional attitude
• Languages

Project management

• IT tools

Business creation

  • Financial mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Introduction to marketing

Quality Management

• Introduction to research methods

Second year

Operations management

• Advanced Front Office
• Advanced housekeeping
• Professional communication
• Introduction to management
• Languages

Project management

• Team project


• Introduction to strategy
• Business game

Business creation

• Budget management
• Strategic marketing

Quality Management

• Case studies

I chose the degree apprenticeship programme at the Luxury Hotelschool because the school offers us a learning environment that is second to none and gives us experience land expertise in luxury.

Chayma Bentchakal

Bachelor's degree

with an apprenticeship contract at Le Bristol.

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350 hours of study
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This programme runs over 10 months, with 1 or 2 days a week devoted to studies and 3 or 4 days in the workplace.

Third year

Operations management

• Human Resources
• Employment law

Project management

• Project creation


• Organisation of the commemorative banquet


• Business game

International development

• Accounting
• Finance

• Budgets

Quality Management

  • Audit

The Luxury Hotelschool is an obvious choice for anyone who wishes to prepare themselves for work in prestigious establishments.The school's teaching is in tune with the times, and sensitive to the changes and constant evolution taking place in the hotel industry.

Lucas Branquet

Bachelor's degree with an

apprenticeship contract at the Plaza Athénée.

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Training for excellence

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How to apply


Beginning the application process

Please send us the information and documents we need to begin the application process to [email protected] or via our website,


Selection interview

The personal interview helps us begin to understand your career aspirations and your motivation. We are looking for applicants with a sense of service, good interpersonal skills and an international outlook.



You will receive confirmation of your admission at the end of the first session scheduled for mid-January, then at the end of the subsequent sessions.