Bachelor 3rd year

Bachelor 3rd year

3rd year Bachelor

in Luxury Hospitality Management 

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The Luxury Hotelschool is an international luxury hotel management training school founded over 30 years ago. This Bachelor's degree is a Level 6 professional qualification registered with the RNCP. It gives you the keys to management in top-of-the-range hotels. In one year after a Bac +2 or EQF Level 5 qualification, this Bachelor's programme covers all aspects of luxury hotel management, in particular operations management and event management, quality management marketing and strategy, business creation and project management. This initial course includes a five-month work placement in a prestigious hotel and a luxury experience included in the tuition fees. This Bachelor's degree gives you the opportunity to continue your studies at the Luxury Hotelschool and obtain an MBA or MSc at business school level.

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No. 1 in the Happy at School rankings.

An accreditation that recognises students' fulfilment and the quality of their academic experience

The Luxury Hotelschool has been working with the Palaces, the world's leading hotels and international chains ever since it was founded. They sponsor all the school's graduating classes and sign their diplomas.

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Five-month work placement in a luxury hotel. 

The school supports students in their searches for internships.

Top-Up Bachelor

A qualification that opens the doors to hotel management

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To obtain the Bachelor's degree in Luxury Hospitality Management students must complete five skill blocks and carry out a five-month work placement in a top-of-the-range hotel

This degree qualifies students for positions that include :

Assistant Hotel Manager / Assistant Operations manager / F&B Manager / Accommodation manager / Front-Office Manager / Marketing & Communications manager / Events manager, etc.

Core syllabus

• Team management in the luxury hotel industry
• Quality management 
• Hotel development strategy
• International expansion strategy 
• Project and event management 


• Business game
• Œnologie (Wset)
• Events

Practical work

• The art of the table
• Gastronomy 

Why choose the Luxury Hotelschool

Experience the world of luxury

Here are some examples of activities that are all included in the tuition fees, plus Afterwork events, a gala dinner, student association and meetings with the heads of luxury hotels and groups.

• Michelin-starred restaurant
• Study trip 
• Visits to Palace hotels and luxury establishments
• Cruise on the Seine

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Training for excellence

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How to apply ?


Beginning the application process

Please send us the information and documents we need to begin the application process to[email protected] or via our website,


Selection interview

The personal interview helps us begin to understand your career aspirations and your motivation. We are looking for applicants with a sense of service, good good interpersonal skills and an international outlook. Applicants with experience in the hotel and catering industry or looking for a retraining programme or a change of career with a keen professional interest in the world of hospitality, tourism, and events.



You will receive confirmation of your admission at the end of the first session scheduled for mid-January, then at the end of the subsequent sessions.

Tuition fees include