First year of the MBA

Élèves dans une classe pendant une dégustation - Luxury Hotelschool

Admission : after the Luxury Hotelschool Bachelor’s degree or a Bac +3 (EQF Level 6 qualification)..
Term starts :  October and January.
Languages : Applicants must have a good command of English (between 800 and 990 in the TOEIC).

The MBA in Luxury Hospitality Management is a Level 7 Professional Certification registered with the RNCP as n°35199, Manager – Retail.

1st year programme for the MBA in Luxury Hospitality Management (400 hours)


Defining and steering the strategic direction of a customer-focused Business Unit 

    • Analysing markets by economic sector 
    • Define strategic and operational objectives
    • Define brand and product policy 
    • Draw up an omni-channel marketing matrix
    • Developing a customer-focused corporate culture 
    • Identify and monitor performance indicators 


Managing the sales and promotional development of a Business Unit

    • Define and developing marketing and sales policies 
    • Ensuring the BU's commercial development 
    • Building business development 
    • Mobilising the BU's various departments 


Managing the economic and financial performance of a Business Unit 

    • Study and interpret economic and financial dashboards to guide the management of the business
    • Calculating sales forecasts and contribution margins
    • Defining general and sectoral objectives
    • Allocating resources to optimise the profitability and value of the business 
    • Ensure the financial and economic sustainability of the BU

At the end of the first year, students complete a minimum five-month work placement in a top-of-the-range hotel.