MSc in two months 100% online

MSc in two months 100% online

Photo de personnes assises dans des fauteuils qui écoutent quelqu'un parler - Luxury Hotelschool

Admission : Accessible after the CTH Level 7 Executive Diploma.
Term starts : October.
Languages : The level of English required is a minimum of 6.0 in the IELTS test (or equivalent). 

Modules for the MSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management degree

Leading Diverse Workforces / 10 crédits

This module provides students with a framework of knowledge and understanding of how to manage teams as part of a diversified and inclusive development strategy.

In this module, students explore, for example, the influence and impact of theories of leadership, culture and well-being. They explore approaches to developing better equality, diversity and inclusion strategies and practices that can be used creatively in a leadership role in different types of organisational scenarios.

Finally, the module encourages students to reflect critically on their personal learning and development needs, as well as how they work with others, from an ethical and professional perspective to encourage their continuing professional development.

MSc Dissertation for the Creative and Service Industries / 50 crédits

The aim of this module is to offer you the opportunity to undertake independent substantive research, incorporating the development of research skills and broadening your knowledge and experience in a specialist area of marketing, fashion, hospitality and tourism.