Choosing the Master of Science at the Luxury Hotelschool

Why choose the Master of Science at the Luxury Hotelschool?

The Master of Science International Hospitality and Tourism Management programme aims to equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to take on management responsibilities in the international hospitality industry.

The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) Diploma course

CTH Level 7 Executive Diploma

aims to :
    • Develop strategic skills for staying competitive for students wishing to pursue a management or leadership career in business, and in the hospitality and tourism industries.
    • Provide students with the skills and mindset to operate effectively and lead international organisations in the ever-changing hospitality and tourism environment.
    • Encourage students to adopt an analytical and creative approach to problem-solving, using independent judgement and critical self-awareness, working individually or in teams.
    • Provide students with an in-depth understanding of the main concepts and philosophies involved in the successful management of tourism and hospitality organisations.
    • Provide specialist transferable knowledge and skills that enable students to communicate and manage effectively in a multicultural environment.
    • Develop leadership skills through training in hotel and tourism management.
    • Offer opportunities to students who wish to pursue managerial careers in business and in the hospitality and tourism industries.
    • Develop flexible approaches to programme delivery and student support that reflect students’ needs and expectations.
    • Provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that promotes the success of all learners.
    • Encourage the development of intellectual and imaginative faculties, creativity, independent judgement, critical self-awareness, imagination and skills that will enhance worldwide employment opportunities after graduation.
    • Establish a culture of continuous improvement in learning, teaching and assessment with anticipation, empowerment, support and reward.
    • Provide a learning experience informed by research, scholarship, reflective practice and links with industry and the professions.
Continue with the Coventry University programme to obtain the degree Master of Science International Hospitality and Tourism Management aims to impart a global management perspective and strategic awareness of the tourism and hospitality sectors to develop the managerial skills needed to run operations successfully and sustainably.
Graduates of Coventry University’s Master of Science programme are able to :
    • Assess the dynamic international contexts and environments in which the hospitality and tourism industries operate, and evaluate the critical issues and challenges and their impact on organisations’ strategic planning.
    • Apply the main business and management models, tools and theories to theoretical and practical problems.
    • Critically assess the strategic plans of hotel and tourism organisations and destinations to ensure competitive advantage and maximise the customer experience.
    • Explore the concepts, processes and institutions involved in the production and marketing of hospitality and tourism services, including the management of resources and operations.
    • Critically examine the policies, strategies and approaches used to manage and develop staff within various international and multinational organisations in the hospitality and tourism industries.
    • Assess the strategic dimension of marketing in managing the customer experience and developing the competitive advantage of hotel companies and tourist destinations.
    • Develop problem-solving, decision-making and implementation skills, establish criteria and use appropriate techniques.
    • Critically evaluate the principles of leadership and people development and of equality, diversity and inclusion at a strategic level.
This degree qualifies students for positions such as :
    • Hotel manager
    • Operations manager
    • Regional manager
    • Brand development manager
    • F&B manager
    • Accommodation manager
    • Events manager
    • Front Office manager
    • Sales manager
    • Guest Relationship Manager.