Choosing the Bachelor’s degree apprenticeship at the Luxury Hotelschool

Why choose the Bachelor's degree apprenticeship at the Luxury Hotelschool?

The Bachelor’s programme is designed to equip students with the operational and managerial skills they need to progress to managerial positions in the hotel industry.
The “Bachelor in Luxury Hospitality Management” qualification certifies that the holder has the managerial and operational skills needed to manage staff in a luxury hotel department on a day-to-day basis, as well as the strategic skills that contribute to the business and performance of the hotel establishment in which they work.
Graduates of the Bachelor in Luxury Hospitality Management course will be able to :
    • Identify and implement an appropriate management style within an operational department
    • Adapt their management style to take account of cultural aspects
    • Manage conflict and solve problems
    • Improve performance and satisfaction
    • Manage performance and skills
    • Develop a quality management strategy for a luxury hotel establishment
    • Define the quality management strategy
    • Improve quality by adapting processes to meet the codes of luxury
    • Provide economic intelligence and sectoral forecasts
    • Support management in defining a development plan
    • Define and implement a strategic development plan
    • Implement a national and/or international development plan
    • Manage development-related risks
    • Manage a project and/or event
    • Build a continuous improvement plan
    • Apply the codes of luxury to real-life management situations
Bachelor in Luxury Hospitality Management graduates work in luxury hotels, national and international chains, independent hotels and top restaurants.
More generally, and without being exhaustive, they can be found in large multinational hotel groups, boutique hotels, resorts and golf clubs, upmarket independent hotels, new forms of accommodation (such as short-term rental), consultancies, start-ups developing applications in the hotel or restaurant sector, etc.
This degree qualifies students for positions such as :
– Assistant Hotel Manager
– Assistant Operations manager
– F&B Manager
– Accommodation manager
– Front Office manager
– Marketing & Communications manager
– Events manager
A Bachelor’s degree gives you the opportunity to continue at the Luxury Hotelschool and work towards a Master’s at business school level in French or English.