Night at the Palace

A unique experience

From their 1st year, Luxury Hotelschool students experience luxury from the customer’s point of view with the “A Night at the Palace” programme, during which they stay in the finest Parisian hotels to understand this magical world and quickly become its ambassadors.
Photo d'une fille assise sur un lit avec des feuilles dans la main - Luxury Hotelschool

Understanding luxury

What are the secrets of the Palace experience ? How do luxury hotels stand out ? How can we grasp and master the codes that are so specific to this world so that we can become ambassadors and leaders in the future ?
Every year, the students analyse all these issues during an unforgettable stay in the finest establishments.

Preparing for the event

"A Night at the Palace" is always meticulously organised to ensure the best possible learning experience and a complete understanding of the codes of luxury.
On the Boulevard Haussmann campus, the students take part in a briefing on the event with their teachers before heading off to one of the partner hotels.
Image vue du haut d'étudiants qui écrivent - Luxury Hotelschool
Photo d'une entrée d'un hôtel avec des étudiants devant - Luxury Hotelschool

Meeting the professionals

During their Palace hotel stay, students observe and analyse the principles of the luxury hotel industry to gauge and understand all its requirements.
They meet the hotel's teams and talk to those who do everything possible to enhance the customer experience.

Immersion and analysis

The students observe everything and fill in evaluation forms developed in class so that they can then analyse the customer experience.
Tea-time, spa treatments, room service, gourmet dinner, overnight stay, breakfast...
A few days later, each student presents the results of their analyses.
Deux hommes dans une bibliothèque assis sur un canapé - Luxury Hotelschool
Quatre filles qui se prennent en photo - Luxury Hotelschool

Bonding and sharing

This experience in a unique and magical environment allows our students to forge strong bonds with their classmates and cunforgettable memories.