Vinh Hoa Nguyen, postgraduate student at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris

Vinh Hoa Nguyen, Master student at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris
Vinh Hoa Nguyen, Master student at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris

“What I particularly appreciate in the luxury hotel industry is the clever and intelligent mix of authenticity and modernity, tailor-made service and relaxation to meet the customer's expectations for a unique experience.”

“In my Bachelor's degree, I enjoyed and learned a lot in marketing, events and front office. The 3rd year was very rich in project management: team work and management of the Gala de l'école; preparation in brand marketing and pitch for the EMCup international competition; market research for business creation on the occasion of the move of the school to 69 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris... An exciting experience, both academic and , which allowed me to acquire new skills.”

In a Master's degree, Hoa follows a program specializing in strategy, leadership and intercultural management for the luxury hotel industry. The courses are based on research with numerous case studies and debates on current topics. Students also take advantage of private lessons to write their essay.

In the short term, Hoa wants to gain maximum experience in all the services of the hotel industry and then be able to open a hotel school, probably in Vietnam, his country of origin.