University Bachelor at the Luxury Hotelschool

Luca Allegri, Managing Director of Bristol, sponsor of the Luxury Hotelschool
Luca Allegri, Managing Director of Bristol, sponsor of the Luxury Hotelschool

Earn your Bachelor's degree at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris to affirm your knowledge of hotel management and luxury to the world. The Bachelor is an Anglo-Saxon university degree obtained in three years after the bachelor's degree and recognized in France by equivalence at the bachelor level: the best of two worlds.

The program can be followed in English or French. Our specialty is luxury management, in particular operations management, marketing, leadership, attitude and luxury codes. The Bachelor's programme at the Luxury Hotelschool covers all aspects of hotel management, such as accommodation and fine gastronomy, but also international tourism.

The Bachelor integrates a five-month internship each year offered by the school in high-end institutions and several field trips. Obtaining the Bachelor's degree offers you the possibility of pursuing a Master's degree. Students and alumni testify to the excellence of this training.

Sarah Bouchonnier, a student in 2019, explains: “The international network of the Luxury Hotelschool allows us to carry out exceptional and enriching internships in the most beautiful establishments in the world.” Benoît Larbi, Personal Assistant to Area Director of Sales and Marketing for the Dorchester Collection and graduated in 2013, testifies: “Luxury Hotelschool Paris has brought me a solid, unique and differentiating training so that I can now manage my teams in luxury hospitality.”

Julien Michelot, Managing Director of the Es Saadi Palace in Marrakech and graduated in 1999, says: “It is the Luxury Hotelschool that has passed on to me the essential values of our business: work, excellence, pleasure, sharing... Luxury is based on service and excellence but with real friendliness.”