Luxury Hotelschool is voted best management school for luxury hotels in 2021
Best Luxury Hospitality Management School

The Luxury Hotelschool has the Happy at School label, a label that rewards the development of students and the quality of their academic, professional and social experience within the school in the service of their personal development. The survey carried out by an external organization among the students of the Luxury Hotelschool consisted in measuring the quality of the facilities, respect for the environment, academic education, student life, but also the strength of relationships with businesses and student confidence in the future.

Luxury Hotelschool Paris is also qualified as Qualiopi, the French quality certification brand for training, skills assessment, V.A.E and apprenticeship providers. It thus demonstrates the perfect respect for the 32 indicators of the National Quality Repository, including the adequacy of pedagogical resources and supervision, or the quality of professional integration.

For 30 years, the Luxury Hotelschool has been fully committed to a quality and continuous improvement approach. Our commitments, coupled with this Qualiopi certification, result in: an environment entirely dedicated to training, transparent information conditions on the services offered, the precise identification of objectives and adaptation of these services to students, trainers selected for their professional expertise, their value added in training and their knowledge of companies, the adequacy of educational, technical and mentoring resources, personalized support from identification of the need to post-training follow-up, collection and taking into account the assessments and complaints made by stakeholders to the services delivered, a real commitment to support, train or guide audiences with disabilities, taking into account on a daily basis the constraints related to sustainable development and energy saving.

Maintaining this quality and the constant pursuit of excellence are supported each year by audits conducted within the Luxury Hotelschool by our partners. Our organisation, our teams, our teachers and our methods are regularly evaluated and confronted with the standards of academic requirements on the one hand and the École Hôtelière de Lausanne as part of our joint programmes to guarantee the exceptional quality of our training courses.