Luxury experience

Because we have been studying luxury for more than 30 years, our students can discover and learn luxury from the point of view of a customer. Students at the Luxury Hotelschool are invited to experience luxury during their studies to better understand it. Their immersion in the world of luxury starts with our unique programme A night at the palace, during which first-year students stay a night in a Parisian luxury hotel - this year at Le Bristol and Le Meurice - to study luxury and meet the people behind it, and learn about the management of an exceptional hotel. To discover international gastronomy, students are also invited at some of the most prestigious tables in Europe, with two and even three Michelin stars, such as Enoteca in Barcelona and L’Assiette Champenoise in Reims.

The Luxury Experience also includes workshops on housekeeping in some of the most prestigious hotel suites in Paris, mystery guest days in hotels, many conferences at the palace with top management, and the gourmet regions tour, a programme in which students are sent shopping in luxury shops in Paris to collect the best products from a region or a country. Your discovery of luxury also includes experiences at Hermès, Cartier... A seminar on protocol and propriety is also organised with the exceptional participation of silversmith Maison Christofle. Through these activities, and in addition to their academic studies of the subject, students at the Luxury Hotelschool acquire a direct understanding of the world of luxury.