Francis Mazeli, expert in finance and hospitality management

Francis Mazeli, Professor of Economics and Management
Francis Mazeli, Professor of Economics and Management

Francis Mazeli has been a teacher at National Education for nearly 20 years and holds the National Diploma in Accounting and Management (DCG) and started his career as a receptionist and then assistant to the general manager of a Paris boutique hotel for 7 years.

Lecturer at the Luxury Hotelschool since 2013, he teaches accounting and management applied to luxury hotels. At their contact, each student is able to master the tools that enable him to learn basic accounting, optimise inventory management, adjust recipes... The practical and concrete approach adopted in our program allows many students to reconcile — if necessary — with the figures and to override any possible preliminary psychological blockage.

Buying and sales forecasts, forecasts, payroll, inventory entries, management table, one-variable and two-variable statistics management, forecasting inventory management... The economic management of a hotel is multifaceted.

“Financial reporting is a necessity for all hotel establishments. In luxury intangible capital is of fundamental importance and it is necessary to evaluate its value and performance. In the luxury sector, misunderstanding and interpretation of trends is vital to improve its performance.”

Other extremely important concepts discussed during the course are salary, which is not just a cost. It also creates value, particularly in the luxury sector. “Human capital is intangible capital, a major asset.”