Apprenticeship in the hotel industry at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris

Chayma Bentchakal is a 3rd year of a Bachelor's degree in Apprenticeship at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris and at Bristol Paris
“I chose the dual education program at the Luxury Hotelschool because the school offers us a good learning environment and transmits its luxury expertise to us,” says Chayma Bentchakal, in the 3rd year of a Bachelor's degree in Apprenticeship at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris and at Bristol Paris

Apprenticeship is a path to excellence in the hotel industry. It allows you to combine theoretical learning in a hotel school with field experience in a hotel establishment.

At Luxury Hotelschool, you can obtain the Bachelor of Hotel Management enrolled at the RNCP thanks to the apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship contract with a company in the sector allows you to fully finance your training.

The apprenticeship program takes place over 10 months with 4 days in business per week and 1 day dedicated to studies, alternating face-to-face, remote and online courses. At the end of the program, 4 full-time weeks are devoted to training.

At the end of the dual studies program, training in luxury hotels, you will master each of the 5 blocks of skills required by France Compétences, which enrolled this degree at the RCNP: Human Resources Management with Fundamentals of Service and Gastronomy, Operational Management of the Front Office, Operational Management of Housekeeping, Introduction to Hotel Software, Professional Attitude; Commercial Strategy and Marketing with Financial Mathematics, Accounting, Introduction to Strategy, Business Game; Of quality with Introduction to Research Methods, Case Studies; Event Project Management with Team Project; Business Creation with Introduction to Strategic Marketing, Budget Management.

A diploma in hospitality at a luxury school will open you up with numerous career and professional development opportunities. In 2022, the Luxury Hotelschool was first in the ranking of Happy at School hotel schools ahead of Bocuse and Ferrandi.