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The Luxury Hotelschool has also been Happy at School accredited since 2020 in recognition of its students' fulfilment, the quality of their academic, professional and social experience at the school and its contribution to their personal development.
Ranked number one among hotel schools, ahead of Bocuse and Ferrandi, the Luxury Hotelschool regards the well-being of its students as its top priority.
The survey carried out by an external organisation - ChooseMyCompany - among Luxury Hotelschool students measured the quality of the facilities, respect for the environment, academic teaching and student life, as well as the strength of relationships with companies and students' confidence in the future.
For 30 years, Luxury Hotelschool has been fully committed to a quality approach based on continuous improvement.This approach is supported every year by audits carried out within the school.
As part of the VET by EHL partnership, the organisation, teams, teaching staff and methods are assessed regularly and compared with the standards set by the universities on the one hand and by the prestigious EHL group on the other.
Studying at the Luxury Hotelschool means taking advantage of high-quality hotel training in a school located in Paris as you train for a promising career in hotel management.
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