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A campus in the heart of Paris

Hall d'accueil de la Luxury Hotel School - Luxury Hotelschool

Welcome to the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Boulevard Haussmann, close to luxury hotels and department stores, is home to the Luxury Hotelschool Paris campus, where students are immersed in the world of luxury throughout their studies.
Studying right in the heart of Paris is an opportunity to welcome and meet hotel managers on a regular basis and to forge lasting and rewarding relationships.
Just a stone's throw from Gare Saint-Lazare, the campus in the heart of Paris is served by eight metro lines.

Explore our Boulevard Haussmann campus

Photo d'un tournage pour une émission - Luxury Hotelschool
The campus lobby and reception are exceptional learning environments where students learn the operational skills that will help them become future experts in the management and operation of luxury hotels.
A valuable learning environment, particularly in the context of the VET by EHL professional diploma.
Take advantage of top-quality hotel management training at a school in Paris as you train for a promising career in hotel management.

The classrooms have a very luxurious and soothing Haussmann-style feel.

This choice of elegance and refinement is no accident and is guided by the firm conviction that this environment is the most conducive to high-quality, motivating teaching.
These classes are based on the codes of luxury so that each student develops in keeping with these codes and in the same magical surroundings shared by the school and the very finest hotels.
Salle de classe - Luxury Hotelschool
Lounge détente - Luxury Hotelschool
Photo d'un salon - Luxury Hotelschool
The pleasing and comfortable design of the lounge on the Boulevard Haussmann campus is a reminder that this is a place for relaxation, the ideal place to get together.
This space is entirely dedicated to students, offering somewhere to meet and exchange ideas beyond their coursework.
A bubble in which future personal and professional ties are forged, creating a spirit of belonging to a group, a school and a world – the world of luxury.
Breakfast and lunch, included in the tuition fees for initial programmes, are also served here.

A place dedicated to culture and knowledge on the Boulevard Haussmann campus, the library showcases some of the most important books on management (all the school's documentary resources are available online), as well as beautiful books donated by some of the finest hotels, including the school's patrons: the Crillon, the Bristol, the Ritz, the Meurice, the Shangri-La, and others.

Photo du campus à Paris - Luxury Hotelschool

Discover our Clichy Campus

The Luxury Hotelschool training restaurant is an exclusive, sophisticated venue where luxury is the watchword. Students experience up to six weeks of practical work in the kitchen and dining room, a compulsory induction before undertaking their first work placements.
As future management experts, students must be familiar with all the operational aspects of the hotel and restaurant business.
In addition to practical work, theoretical courses enhance their knowledge of standards on the one hand and keep them abreast of major current trends on the other.
A motivating practical and theoretical approach in a setting where they can assimilate new concepts effectively and apply all the techniques specific to the world of luxury.
Photo d'un restaurant d'application pour l'école la Luxury Hotelschool
Photo d'un restaurant d'application pour des étudiants - Luxury Hotelschool
Photo d'étudiants dans un espace détente d'une école - Luxury Hotelschool
Our operational campus in Clichy is just three station stops from our campus on Boulevard Haussmann on line 14 (Gare Saint-Lazare).
Students learn operations management on this campus with its training restaurant, a bedroom and a laundry room.
An entire floor is devoted to group activities and relaxation, including a lounge where students can play pool.