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Field trips are included in the Bachelor's program in Paris, Marseille, Barcelona or Reims to study tourism, sustainable development or marketing...

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Travel to grow

Two young students on a race boat
Team building

Students discover the virtues of sailing for teambuilding.

Students collecting garbage on the coast.
Sustainable development

Naturoscope challenges our students to clean the coast.

A presentation to students in a beautiful setting
Ritz Carlton in Barcelona

In Barcelona, students visit all the finest hotels such as the Arts with a presentation on the group's recruiting process.

The marketing director explains his work to students in a beautiful richly decorated conference room
El Palace

Opened in 1918, El Palace is one of Barcelona's most iconic hotels. Students receive a lecture by the hotel's Director of marketing.

Field trip in Champagne

Chef Arnaud Lallement welcomes our students in his 3-Michelin-star restaurant.