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Our management programme teaches luxury through case studies, activities, numerous seminars and the time spent in grand hotels of Paris to meet their managers and learn...

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Luxury means attention to details

The Princess Beatrice d’Orleans is giving a lecture about luxury to Bachelor’s students in a sumptuous banqueting room at l’Hôtel de Crillon
Understand luxury

The Bachelor brings you to the heart of luxury in Paris, here at Hôtel de Crillon, where students meet with Princess Beatrice d'Orléans for an exceptional conference on the definition of luxury.

The bedroom of the presidential suite at Le Meurice is decorated for royalty
A night at the Palace

Spend a night at the Palace to understand luxury through an audit process. The Luxury Hotelschool offers this program to its first-year French Bachelor students. This year, students are invited by Le Meurice and Le Bristol.

First-year students spend the day at Hilton Opera. They are seating in a suite with their lecturer.
Lectures in hotels

Part of the lectures is organised in Parisian grand hotels, to invite their managers to participate in the lectures, but also to familiarise our students with life in upper-scale hotels. Here, first year students learn rooms division management in a suite at Hilton Opera.

Four first-year students are in a suite of Hotel Napoléon and practice tie knots.
Social skills

The Bachelor includes an educational part in savoir-être, savoir-vivre, the codes of luxury... Many seminars prepare students for their life in luxury hotels: protocol, etiquette, propriety, how to dress, to stand, and personal grooming, here in a suite of hotel Napoléon.

Two students are having tea in the garden of Hotel de Crillon
Mystery guest

To analyse and understand luxury service, our students play mystery guests for a lunch or a tea like here at Hotel de Crillon, but also during shopping days at Christofle or Hermès.

Field trips

The Bachelor includes many activities to familiarise students with the world of luxury such as a gastronomic experience during the field trip to Reims where Chef Arnaud Lallement welcomes them in his 3-star Michelin restaurant.

Follow the students in their discovery of propriety and protocol. Around a gourmet lunch, the codes of luxury are explained: how to set the table, behave, and converse with your neighbours...