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The Luxury Hotelschool is an international hotel management school with a focus on luxury offering UK degrees in central Paris, and professional education in collaboration with EHL and eCornell.

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Students dressed in the color of Champagne house Veuve Cliquot
Bachelor students visiting Veuve Cliquot


The Bachelor’s degree programme teaches today’s most in-demand luxury hospitality management skills. As part of this programme, students will also earn a professional certificate in Hotel Management from eCornell, a unique credential valued by major international luxury hotels.

A professor is teaching in a luxurious decor
Some lectures take place in luxury hotels


This UK Master’s degree in Paris, is specialised in leadership and strategy and opens the doors of high potential programmes and management trainings in luxury hotels and international hotel chains.

A selfie on a terrace at Le Bristol
A night at the Palace

Luxury experience

All the programmes at the Luxury Hotelschool offer the rare opportunity to live the luxury experience, and even to stay in the most beautiful hotels in Paris with « A night at the Palace » in the Bachelor's degree. The academic study of luxury is thus completed by a field study.

Unique partnership between world-class institutions

Diploma VET by EHL

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and the Luxury Hotelschool Paris join forces to offer a vocational diploma in Paris, delivered by EHL. The programme is delivered in two years and allow a progression to the final year of the Bachelor's degree.

School entrance at 69 boulevard Haussmann Paris
69, Haussmann Paris
Students with their suitcase in front of luxury hotel Le Bristol
A night at the Palace
Students with their suitcase in front of luxury hotel Le Bristol

Your immersion in the world of luxury starts with our unique programme, “A Night at the palace”, during which first-year students stay a night in a Parisian luxury hotel - this year at Le Bristol and Le Meurice - to study luxury and meet the people behind it, and learn about the management of an exceptional hotel.

Students visiting Veuve Cliquot
Visiting Champagne Clicquot
Students at the 2018 graduation at Le Meurice.
Team at the Shangri-La Paris
Gala at the Shangri-La
Team at the Shangri-La Paris

During the 7th charity dinner of the International Play Association at Shangri-La Paris, students of the Luxury Hotelschool made a donation and contributed to the donation of 116,000 euros to the association, a pioneer in the development of education through sport.

Burj al-Arab, symbol of Dubai
International careers
Students taking the pose during the gala they organised
Gala LH
Charles Bouvier joined the Compagnie des Wagons-Lits at the end of the nineteenth century, he was in charge of the banquets on the Presidential train from 1912 to 1929. He poses with his brigade on the train.
Brochure of the luxury hotelschool with the key of a suite at Le Bristol
Open days
Brochure of the luxury hotelschool with the key of a suite at Le Bristol

The Luxury Hotelschool organises open days for candidates in luxury hotels, such as the Bristol, Plaza Athénée or the Peninsula in Paris.

Arnaud Bouvier teaching leadership at the Ritz
Lecture at the Ritz
A student shows his classmate how to tie his tie
Personal grooming seminar
Conference with Princess Beatrice d’Orléans at Hotel de Crillon
Conference on luxury
Conference with Princess Beatrice d’Orléans at Hotel de Crillon

The Luxury Hotelschool brings their students to the heart of luxury in Paris, here at Hotel de Crillon, where they meet with Princess Beatrice d’Orléans for an exceptional conference on the definition of luxury. Ambassador of Dior and LVMH in Spain, Béatrice d’Orléans is also Honorary President of Luxury Spain, an association promoting luxury in Spain.

Team building activities close by the Eiffel Tower
Team buillding activities
Team building activities close by the Eiffel Tower

For the Bachelor’s and Master’s students, the year always begins with a day of team building. With a treasure hunt around the Eiffel Tower, a cocktail and a lunch on the Seine, new students have the opportunity to get to know each other while returning stuents meet again to start the a new academic year together.

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What is a hotel school?

In France, a hotel school is either a school with technical and professional training intended to train operational staff and supervisors, or a hotel management school, that is to say a business school specialising in the hotel industry. The Luxury Hotelschool Paris is a hotel management school with university programmes specialising in luxury.

What is taught in a hotel school?

A hotel school teaches operations, management, human resources, marketing and finance with topics such as food and beverage operations and management, front office operations and supervision, housekeeping, management and leadership, cross-cultural management, strategic marketing, revenue management, event management, asset management, city marketing, critical issues in hospitality and tourism, etc.

What is the best a hotel school in France?

The Luxury Hotelschool Paris is the only hotel school in France to prepare a Master's degree, it is thus the school with the highest academic level.
Academic ranking